Why Should You Use a Chess Coach?

A chess coach will help you to improve on aspects of your game you might not know you need help with.  

It’s very hard to improve your chess playing abilities and a lot of players reach a plateau they cannot overcome.  

There are a lot of things to think about in a chess game and when you lose a game, it’s hard to understand where you went wrong.

Knowing what to study based on your games is key to improving and a chess coach can help you understand these mistakes.

What Will You Learn From a Chess Coach?

You will learn more from having a chess coach than if you tried to improve on your own.  Having someone else to look at your mistakes is important in anything we do that we want to improve.

A chess coach will guide you through all aspects of chess including opening study, positional understanding, endgames, and more.

You can learn about all of these from various sources online, but what makes a chess teacher unique is that they will help you to understand all of these elements specifically for you.

A chess teacher will analyze your games and see where you are struggling and offer resources for you to improve these elements.  For example, you may find yourself struggling to come up with a plan 10 moves into a certain opening. A chess teacher will understand this, and help you to understand the main idea of the opening you’re trying to accomplish and where you’re going wrong.

For me, I was playing the Reti opening, and my coach told me I was confusing my plans based on my pawn structure.  He was able to give me more insight and understand when to go with my plan, and when to go with the other plan.

This type of insight I could not see without outside guidance.

Should You Only Get Chess Lessons from Grandmasters?

While Grandmasters are great at playing chess, not all of them are great teachers.  The fact is you don’t need to be trained by the best; you only need to be trained by someone who has more experience than you.

This can mean only 200 elo points.  There’s nothing wrong with getting lessons from a 2000 when you’re 1800.  Chances are, this chess expert understands what it takes to break class A that you may be missing right now.

Difference Between a Chess Coach and using a Chess Engine

A chess coach will tell you the why behind the moves when a chess engine won’t.

You might think that you don’t need a chess coach because you can just turn on the engine and analyze your own games.  This is the worst way to study.

Sure, you can memorize what the Lichess engine says based on an opening you play, but you won’t have an engine when you’re in a USCF or FIDE tournament.

If you know what you’re trying to accomplish and which plans to execute, then you’ll be more likely to pick up on your opponent’s mistakes and know how to exploit them.

How Will a Chess Coach Help You Improve?

It’s a mistake to think that a chess coach will do all of the work for you. The truth is, you may only need one session per week with a chess coach.

A good chess coach will give you resources, such as chess books, that will help you to study.  They will create an outline for you to follow to improve that is unique to you.

About me

I’m currently looking for students to take under my wing.  I’m a class A USCF player with a current rating of 1933. You can look at my rating on USCF.  I’ve been playing chess for 20 years, but have been serious about it the last 2 years.

I’m looking to continue improving myself, but I want to help others improve their game as well.  

If you’re interested, you can fill out the form on this page to sign up. 

Where to Find Other Chess Coaches

If you’re looking for other chess coaches closer to your or who speak you main language, you can find a chess coach online at Lichess or chess.com