I am currently working on a portal that will allow chess fans like you to login and have access to puzzles.

What will be included in the Experience?

  • Tactics puzzles – This is important for any stage of your chess career to improve
  • Positional puzzles – This is something I’ve never stumbled across, but it will go into how to find the best move to improve your position, not necessarily gain an advantage
  • Endgame puzzles – These are essential to memorizing ideas behind specific end games
  • Opening Explorer – This will be a way to practice your openings against a computer over and over to really hammer in those specific lines

There will definitely be other aspects, but I think making this work is a great starting point.  I hope you’ll join me in this journey and I’ll continue to update anyone who signs up for this email list with new content I write and updates about the interface.

I plan to make this interface a free experience to see how well it turns out, but I will definitely be looking for feedback from chess fans like you as it is being built.

If you’re interested in getting updates, fill out the form below to receive updates.