Everything You Need to Learn to Play Chess


Has the game of chess always intrigued you but you’ve never learned how to play?

This ebook explains the rules of chess, how the pieces move, and gives you a great jumping off point as you begin your journey into chess.

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This eBook is written as if you have never played chess before and are starting from the beginning.

After running through the rules of chess, how the pieces move, and how to checkmate your opponent, the book finishes with some great ideas for how to approach every game you play.

The table of contents for this book includes the following topics:

Chapter 1 – How to Set up a Chess Board
Chapter 2 – How do you play chess?
Chapter 3 – How do chess pieces move?
Chapter 4 – How a Game Ends: Checkmate and Stalemate
Chapter 5 – How to Approach Playing the Game


Written by Nick Groh, 2100 ELO.


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