How to Play the Sicilian Dragon


The Sicilian Dragon is an exciting opening that creates many attacking chances for both black and white.

Rather than memorize opening lines, this ebook takes the approach of providing you with fundamental ideas to give more structure to your chess.

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This book was written to help give players a better understanding of the ideas of the Sicilian Dragon.

I start by talking about the pawn structure for white and black and what you should be striving for.  I do this by eliminating all the pieces besides the pawns so it is easier to visualize.

I  then discuss the main themes of the opening from black’s perspective and what to think about.  My goal is not to give you an opening repertoire that is completely attacking; the dragon can lead to a very strong endgame for black.

I also show some systems to play as white against the Dragon.  This includes the Yugoslav attack, Maróczy Bind, and the Breyer variation.

After introducing these ideas, this book highlights 5 games played by super Grand Masters to see how they approach the dragon.

Finally, the book ends with main tactical motifs to watch out for on both sides of the board.  This will give you a familiarity to be able to identify these tactics in your own games.

If you’ve never played the Dragon before, you’ll learn some great ideas to keep in mind.  Use this ebook as a jumping off point as you explore more openings.

If you’ve dabbled in the dragon, but didn’t find success, I hope this book gives you a second look at it.

I hope you enjoy!

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